With millennials now dominating the workplace, Maidstone-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Legends Incorporated has revealed the secrets to motivating them.


CEO at Legends Incorporated, Kamil Nosal has gained experience interviewing and mentoring talent from the millennial pool and the stereotypical characteristics associated with millennials such as having fresh and innovative ideas, entrepreneurial spirit, and their adaptability and tech savviness make them a target for Legends Incorporated when it comes to talent acquisition.


Millennials often make career choices based on company culture. Legends Incorporated are proud to have cultivated a strong recognition and reward culture, and an environment that focuses on and nurtures development.

The outsourced sales and marketing firm have revealed the two keys to motivating millennials.


  1. A Fun Environment


According to research conducted by The Go Game company, a cutting edge team and culture-building business, millennials prioritise fun in the workplace. At Legends Incorporated they are proud to have cultivated a fun, friendly and nurturing working environment and they believe it is one of the keys to attracting and retaining top talent. CEO Kamil Nosal thinks that fun plus hard work equals success and he has implemented that philosophy into his business. Legends Incorporated have weekly get-togethers at Maidstone’s top venues, as well as frequent company breakfasts and dinners. They believe a social culture is essential for building relationships and boosting morale.


  1. Feedback


While many millennials crave freedom and autonomy, they also want to know how they are performing and providing feedback is critical to motivate the group effectively.  At Legends Incorporated they believe that feedback is integral to help people to learn, grow and develop and they have regular performance reviews for their workforce to ensure that they are on the right track. CEO Kamil Nosal contends that managers need to learn how to effectively deliver feedback, both positive and negative, to help their millennial workforce achieve their full potential.


After polling numerous clients in 2015, The Go Game found that 79% of millennials found “team” or “culture” building activities in their organisation significantly helped retain talent and legends Incorporated believe they have struck the perfect balance.


Legends Incorporated is a Maidstone-based outsourced sales and marketing firm specialising in customer acquisition through in-person promotions.  The firm believes that it is vital for companies to understand how to motivate millennials to achieve optimum performance levels and Mr Nosal is urging industry leaders to offer a unique culture where people can reach their potential.


Source:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/270764